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Places that You May Not Expect to Have Asbestos

Nichol & Associates, Attorneys at Law July 20, 2021

Asbestos causes quite a few health issues that are often deadly. Many people don’t realize that even though asbestos got banned years ago, it’s still present in some buildings in Tennessee. These are some of the places that you may not expect to have asbestos present.


A lot of churches are older, and asbestos is often found in things like the acoustic panels that are on the ceiling and walls. Exposure to asbestos for long periods of time can cause mesothelioma as well as breathing issues.


Asbestos exposure in a hospital is often deadly. However, it is sometimes found in certain medical equipment, floor tiles and insulation. Many hospitals do inspect these items regularly to make sure that asbestos isn’t present. If someone finds it, then they do take the necessary precautions to remove it and limit the exposure to it.


While a lot of steps get taken to ensure that asbestos isn’t present in schools, sometimes it’s missed. If there is asbestos in a school, it’s often found in the building materials. Many schools do have management plans in place to deal with asbestos and reduce each student’s exposure to it.


Many individuals don’t realize that they may be at risk for asbestos exposure when they are at home if their home is older. Asbestos might be present in a variety of different materials like the shingles, pipes and plaster.

Asbestos is something that many people get exposed to every single day even though they don’t realize it. It’s not all that uncommon for older buildings to have asbestos in some of the building materials that the owners, occupants and employees aren’t aware of.