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What to Expect in A Truck Accident Claim

Nichol & Associates, Attorneys at Law Dec. 18, 2020

Large commercial trucks travel the highways of Tennessee right alongside regular passenger cars. But even though truck drivers use the same roads as everyone else, they must operate under a different set of laws. If you had an accident with a large truck, filing a claim for compensation will be very different from a typical car accident claim.

Truck Drivers Have More Restrictions

You have probably noticed that truck drivers have a lower speed limit than the rest of us on the road. In addition to speed regulations, truck drivers also have limits on the number of hours that they can drive. Under federal regulations, truckers must log their driving hours and take breaks. What this means for your truck accident claim is that you will be able to use driving hours as evidence of the truck driver’s liability.

There Might Be Several Liable Parties

Most truck drivers are working for one or more companies while they drive, so there are likely to be multiple liable parties in a trucking accident. When you file a truck accident claim, you may be able to name the trucker, the owner of the truck, the parent trucking company and the loading company as defendants. Truck manufacturers and service providers can also be liable for motor vehicle accidents that involve malfunctioning trucks.

Truck Insurance May Try to Settle Early

It’s important to be aware that trucking companies don’t have normal car insurance. The large insurance companies that truckers use may fight aggressively on behalf of their clients’ interests and try to pressure you to take a quick settlement. A personal injury lawyer may be able to help you file a claim for damages so that you can pursue the maximum compensation for your injuries.