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Rural Roads Pose Greater Threat to Drivers than Urban Roads

Nichol & Associates, Attorneys at Law June 10, 2020

Drivers in Tennessee who are used to urban roads know how dangerous they can be with their heavy traffic. Yet they would be mistaken if they believed that rural roads were safer. In a lot of cases, they are not.

Roads in the countryside tend to have narrower lanes and shoulders, for one thing. This can make it dangerous for drivers to pass a vehicle. Night driving is risky as well since rural roads are usually not well-lit. Drivers who are being inattentive may also lose control when an animal appears in front of them. Then should an accident occur, drivers may be forced to wait a long time before receiving medical attention.

Many drivers become reckless on rural roads, even speeding and driving under the influence of alcohol, because of the absence of any police. Others, especially truck drivers, will neglect to wear their seat belts, which only opens them up to greater harm should they be in a collision.

Since most drivers have less experience traveling in the countryside than in the big cities, it pays to exercise more caution on rural roads. There are plenty of defensive driving tips to follow. It all starts with being prepared and alert and never assuming that other drivers are thinking about their safety.

Nevertheless, many accidents continue to take place in rural areas. When these crashes involve personal injury, they can become the subject of a third-party insurance claim. Tennessee follows a modified comparative negligence rule, which states that plaintiffs who were deemed less than 50% at fault for a crash can be eligible for compensation. Recovering a reasonable amount in damages is another matter, though, since auto insurance companies can be aggressive in denying claims, so victims may benefit from legal assistance.