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Mistaking an Aneurysm for A Headache

Nichol & Associates, Attorneys at Law April 19, 2021

A common underlying cause of medical negligence in Tennessee involves misdiagnosis of an ailment, disease or condition. Misdiagnosis can result in severe and even fatal injury to a patient. The possibility exists for an aneurysm to be mistaken for a headache, including a migraine. The mere fact that the possibility for such a mistake exists does not mean that it is acceptable for a professional to make such an error. Misdiagnosing an aneurysm can be grounds for a medical malpractice claim.

Understanding an Aneurysm

Before digging deeper into misdiagnosing an aneurysm as a type of medical malpractice, understanding an aneurysm in the first instance is important. An aneurysm occurs when small vessels in a person’s brain weaken, fill with blood and bulge outward. A person might have such a condition for an extended period of time. If an aneurysm bursts, the situation becomes life threatening.

Diagnostic Difference Between an Aneurysm and A Headache

There is a profound diagnostic difference between an aneurysm and a headache, including a migraine. More often than not, a headache comes on or builds gradually. This is also true of a migraine. On the other hand, the profound pain associated with a burst aneurysm comes on severely and in an instant. Medical professionals have described the onset of the pain associated with a burst aneurysm as akin to a thunderclap.

If you or a loved one experienced misdiagnosis of a burst aneurysm, you not only have medical issues to address but likely legal ones also. A Tennessee medical malpractice attorney can explain your legal rights in such a situation. As a matter of course, a Tennessee medical malpractice lawyer usually does not charge a fee for an initial consultation.