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Members of Congress Question Amazon Over Product Safety

Nichol & Associates, Attorneys at Law Nov. 2, 2020

People in Tennessee are buying even more of their products on Amazon than ever before. The massive online shopping site provides a dizzying array of goods of almost all types to buyers in the U.S. and around the world. While Amazon serves as a general marketplace for a seemingly endless array of brands, the corporation has branched out further by creating several product lines of Amazon-branded items, such as AmazonBasics. Consumers may see these branded items as safer and better choices than products offered by sometimes-unknown brands.

Amazon-Branded Products Linked to Serious Malfunctions

However, some members of Congress note that AmazonBasics items have included some defective products that have caused fires, explosions and other types of damage and injuries. Members of the House Democratic caucus wrote to Amazon, urging the company to recall potentially dangerous products and conduct an investigation into their manufacturing processes.

Pursuing Profits Over Customer Safety?

CNN reported cited at least 1,500 verified customer reviews on the Amazon website of over 70 Amazon-branded items referencing serious defects, including fires, smoking, melting or electrical malfunctions. The members of Congress accused Amazon of ignoring these serious issues with its products and prioritizing profits over consumer safety.

In some cases, Amazon has simply deleted product listings for its own branded items after a high number of customer complaints, including those related to safety. The members of Congress criticized Amazon’s approach, saying that it made investigation more difficult for outside parties and regulators.

Defective products can pose a serious safety hazard for customers, especially because they may lead to serious injuries as well as extensive property damage. Manufacturers have a responsibility to bring safe goods to the consumer market. People who have been injured by dangerous products might pursue a product liability claim with the help of an attorney seeking compensation for their medical bills, lost wages and other damages.