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Could Zoom Fatigue Put You at Risk on The Road?

Nichol & Associates, Attorneys at Law Nov. 13, 2021

A lot of American workers have left the office — likely for good. Remote work has become very popular for those who can manage it.

However, remote work hasn’t ended the “office meeting.” In fact, video chat software platforms like Zoom and Skype have become increasingly important for all kinds of businesses. Unfortunately, an unintentional (and unexpected) side effect of using Zoom and other video chat platforms is distracted driving.

A New Analysis Indicates that Many “Zoom Zombies” Are Behind the Wheel

One insurer did a study that indicates as many as 54% of people who have to drive after being in a video chat have difficulty concentrating. Even though they’re no longer facing the camera, they can’t seem to get their focus entirely on the road.

Essentially, they’re suffering from fatigue that’s associated with video chats. It’s well known that excessive amounts of screen time can be tiring, but the cognitive and physical load required to function during a video conference — and the need to maintain eye contact through the computer — can be especially exhausting for people.

Further, when people finally do put down their computer and leave to run errands or do other things, their minds may still be dwelling on work, and it isn’t that easy to transition their focus to their driving.

Distracted driving is still distracted driving, no matter what the cause. If you have been injured in a motor vehicle accident caused by someone who was just too distracted or too tired to be driving, you have every right to ask for fair compensation for your losses.