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Could Car Accidents Occur Soon After Starting a Trip?

Nichol & Associates, Attorneys at Law Feb. 22, 2021

Tennessee residents traveling in unfamiliar areas may become confused and cause an accident. Drivers may also become fatigued from a long road trip even when know the route. However, the assumption that significant amounts of distance or time factor into all accidents would not be correct. One international study shows that many accidents happen almost immediately after the driver starts the car.

Accidents that Happen Right Away

The study suggests that upwards of 25% of vehicle accidents occur within the first three minutes. The study’s results should not come as unexpected. The moment a vehicle goes into motion, the chance for an accident arises. This research also looked at a substantial sample. So, the results are worth taking seriously. Drivers learning about such risks may alter their behavior and try to operate a vehicle more safely from the outset.

Someone waking up early in the morning to go to work might step on the gas pedal without fully appreciating how close another vehicle is. Putting a heavy foot on the pedal could lead to the car lurching forward and rear-ending another. Property damage might not be the only result. Someone involved in the accident could suffer whiplash.

More Severe Accidents Might Happen at The Beginning of A Journey

Pulling out of a parking space, an underground garage, the front of the house or any other familiar location may result in hitting a pedestrian or someone on a bicycle. Distractions and drowsiness could undermine the safe operation of a vehicle no matter when and where the driver starts.

Familiarity may lead some to violate traffic laws flippantly. Routine commutes between home and work or to local stores sometimes lull drivers into operating on a self-imposed autopilot.

Others may not prudently worry about their vehicle being in poor shape. They might assume that short trips in familiar areas come with no concern even when driving a “junker.” However, a mechanically unsafe vehicle could present a hazard anywhere.

Car accidents may lead to personal injury suits, so drivers ought to be careful at all times. The beginning of a journey is just as dangerous as the middle and the end.