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Commercial Truck Drivers and Motorists Can Take Precautions

Nichol & Associates, Attorneys at Law Aug. 3, 2017

You’re familiar with the streets of Knoxville. You drive them almost every day. You have seen semi trucks on the road with you. It can be frustrating and nerve wracking to drive along side an 18-wheeler. Commercial truck drivers require special training and licensing. They are often considered experienced drivers.

Commercial Truck Drivers Take These Precautions when They Hit the Road:

  • Drivers familiarize themselves with road conditions. Potholes, rain, snow and gravel all contribute to accidents. Truck drivers know that it takes them longer and further to stop, so they must know road conditions to account for this.

  • Drivers stay aware of their surroundings. Some trucks have extra and extended mirrors to help drivers see their surroundings. Trucks do have blind spots, and drivers are trained to check them often. Drivers are trained to look far ahead for potential hazards so that they have enough time and distance to react.

  • ·Drivers monitor their speed. Trucks are at a high risk for potential accidents at faster speeds. The shape of semi-trucks makes them vulnerable to high winds and roll-over accidents. Since it takes a truck longer and further to stop, high speeds can make stopping even more crucial.

If you are in an accident caused by a commercial truck, you may wonder who is at fault.

There Are Four Parties that Could Be Responsible:

  1. The truck driver

  2. The trucking company

  3. The person or company who loaded the truck

  4. The manufacturer of the truck and its parts

Truck drivers take safety precautions and you can too. Be aware of the restrictions trucks have when they need to stop. Know that trucks have blind spots and be aware of them. You should try to make yourself visible to truck drivers when you are on the road together.