Slip-And-Fall Accident? Suffer A Serious Injury?

Property owners, especially businesses open to the public, have an obligation to build and maintain their property in a manner that does not pose a danger to the public. At Nichol & Associates, we represent people who have been injured due to negligent construction or maintenance. We have helped hundreds of people recover compensation for injuries caused by the poor maintenance of property.

Located in Knoxville, our firm represents clients statewide throughout Tennessee. We offer individualized and dedicated legal representation. The founder of our firm, attorney Doug Nichol, has more than 30 years of personal injury experience.

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Premises Liability May Take Many Forms

When people think about premises liability, they often think of slip and fall and trip and fall cases. Generally, these cases involve obstructions such as electrical cords, spilled liquids, protruding store fixtures, faulty floorboards, or carpeting that is torn, raised or worn. However, in many occasions, injuries giving rise to a premises liability claim are caused by building code violations and other negligent construction issues.

Our attorneys will take time to understand your premises liability case and work with you toward achieving a fair and equitable solution. We have successfully handled a variety of premises liability cases, including:

  • Carbon monoxide - brain injuries
  • Construction negligence
  • Injured hotel guests
  • Building code violations
  • Mold/infections in hospitals causing Aspergillosis
  • Inadequate security
  • Attractive nuisances
  • Chemical exposure

Many people do not consider the more hazardous cases that can lead to long-term disability and even death. These premises or property liability claims include toxic chemical exposure, toxic mold exposure, lead poisoning, failure to warn of hazardous conditions on the property, improperly maintained equipment, uncovered ditches, culverts, potholes, open holes on the property, and other dangerous conditions of the premises that the property owner fails to warn of and correct.

Our lawyers have successfully handled premises liability cases against such major retailers as Wal-Mart and Winn-Dixie.

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